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Heading 4

"So can the notion of concept be forced into the work? How can reflexivity be imbricated in this kind of initiation?

First, Ong keeps to task with devotion, almost obsessively crocheting to give birth to works beyond human scale and to fill cavernous white cubes with her ever efflorescent forms...

Second, Ong explores the potential of her body to perform...

Third, Ong collects everyday things that she picks up in her sojourns and weaves them into her work.

...the fiber art of Ong enlivens the space because it bears a multitude of materials; and it shelters the body because it evokes the hyperbolic world. This is an exemplary convergence: the body dwells in strands of memory, taken on like habit with wistfulness and defiance. 

- Patrick D. Flores, Ph.D.

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